My name is Shana Roberson. I am energetic, passionate and ready to work! I have recently relocated to Northwest Florida and am seeking work in the fields of journalism, marketing, publishing, and/or training.

I have a diverse work history that shows my ability to adapt and excel in many different fields. In fact, I’ve never had a job I did not like.

In the Air Force I worked as an Intelligence Analyst as well as a Training Manager. My experience in the Air Force taught me practical skills like typing, report-writing, editing, researching, planning, supervision and attention to detail. It also gave me dynamic skills like leadership, self-motivation and a passion for success. What I loved most about my job there was the ability to reinvent two large programs (training program for over 100 people and a fitness program for over 200), taking them from average or failing to new, dynamic and results-based. I loved the teamwork it required as well as the creativity and idea generation it fueled.

Most recently, I worked as Executive Editor at The Northern Light, a student-run university paper with a circulation of 5,000. In this job, I focussed both on the creative and executive sides to running a paper. I was able to exercise big ideas with hands-on work and oversight of content, design and layout. I also loved the time I spent working with the staff of 15 in developing their talents, goals and production. I was also responsible for overseeing the operating budget, contract payments and time sheets. I found this deadline-driven environment invigorating and exciting. I like goals and I love to meet them!

I have found success at every job I’ve had because I am driven by results and success. I don’t take shortcuts and I maintain a positive attitude. I look forward to hearing from you! My preferred method of contact is email (shanaroberson@gmail.com), which I check several times daily. ¬†Other contact information can be provided via email.

Thank you for your interest!


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